Not a Crime Against Blacks, Just Christianity… Wait, What?!?

Last night and this morning, the nation received horrible news. A young, white male entered a black church with a .45. He spent an hour with the congregants; praying and studying the Bible. He then stood up and revealed his weapon. He made it clear that he was going to shoot the church members because they were black. He said, “You’ve raped our women, and you are taking over the country … I have to do what I have to do. You have to go.” He opened fire. Nine people are now dead.

Dylann Roof apparently has a history of racism. He often wore a jacket that featured patches of the flags of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe; and apartheid-era South Africa. He had told friends that the end of apartheid was wrong; that blacks and whites need to be seperated. He embraced the Confederate flag, which was created by the South when they decided that they refused to be part of a nation that would allow “Negros” to be free. He’d proudly told friends that he’d joined racist groups. He spouted racist jokes. He’d even said that he wanted to start a civil war, and kill himself once it started.

Fox News, of course, said that this wasn’t an attack on the black community. It was, of course, an attack on Christianity.


I am getting so sick of this “WAR ON CHRISTIANITY!” bullshit. That is exactly what it is: bullshit. Christianity is the largest religion in America – and has proven to be the most intolerant. I’m not speaking of ALL Christians, mind you. Some actually remember to love thy neighbor, and to remove the plank from their own eye before complaining about the mote in their neighbor’s. They’re not the ones I’m talking about, here. What I’m talking about are the conservative whackjobs that claim to hate Westboro Baptist Church, yet are only one step behind them. I’m talking about those who whine about the Constitution, yet try to oppress anyone that isn’t like them. Over just the past YEAR, I’ve seen it get RIDICULOUSLY out of hand.

“The Christian bakery is being attacked because of their religious beliefs!” No, they were attacked for being assholes; and the courts – which are backed by the Constitution – ruled that they had unlawfully discriminated against someone. If you refuse to serve a member of the public because they are of a certain legally recognized and protected demographic, then don’t have a public business!

“Gay marriage is an attack on Christianity!” No, it’s a fight to have love and commitment legally recognised – just like with interracial marriage; which Christians ALSO tried to block. Also; if your marriage is destroyed after the legalization of gay marriage… your marriage already had problems. The gays had nothing to do with it.

“Abortion is an attack on Christianity!” No, it’s something a woman may choose to end an unwanted or risky pregnancy. There are thousands upon thousands of children in the foster care system. If you force a woman to complete a pregnancy to save the child’s life, you also need to adopt that child. Period. It’s the only humane and CHRISTIAN thing to do. You are also sometimes telling a woman with little to no income that she MUST shoulder this burden; yet, you want to cut her healthcare, food benefits, and monetary benefits. You want her to have a child doomed to a life of poverty, starvation, and misery. Once that child is forced into a life of crime just to survive, you will be more than happy to kill that child with the handgun that you also fought for with a mouth-foaming frenzy; and you will pat yourself on the back for it. Admit it: you are not pro-life. You are merely pro-fetus. Once it’s no longer a fetus, it doesn’t matter to you.

“Poor Josh Duggar is only being demonized because he’s Christian!” No. He’s being demonized because HE MOLESTED FIVE LITTLE GIRLS. I don’t care that he was “only” a teenager. He was NOT just “curious about girls”. A boy of fourteen or fifteen years old knows that it’s WRONG to touch young girls. He ADMITTED that he knew it was wrong, but didn’t stop. He didn’t just “cop a feel” like some have said. He reached into the underwear of a five year old girl and fondled her genitalia. Five. Years. Old. Let that sink in for a minute. If the people I know found out that a teenager touched their five year old that way, they’d at LEAST call the police IMMEDIATELY. Most would have beat the ever-loving snot out of him. Some would have even shot him. No; he’s not being demonized because he’s Christian. He’s being FORGIVEN AND GLORIFIED because he’s Christian.

“Taking the Christ out of Christmas is an attack on Christianity!” No, asshole. It’s merely recognizing that not everyone is Christian. I don’t know why saying “Happy Holidays” is so damn offensive. Christmas is one of many holidays in the holiday season. “Happy Holidays” encompasses that… and Kwanzaa… and Chanukah… and Yule… and other holidays celebrated by other faiths – LEGALLY RECOGNIZED FAITHS.

Speaking of tolerance… I’ve seen that word thrown around a LOT lately. In the words of the Great Inigo Montoya, “I do not think that word means what you think it means”. Tolerance, from the dictionary:

  1. 1.
    the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

So; when a store refuses to provide a service to someone of a different race, religion, or sexual orientation: that’s INtolerance. When they are sued in return, it’s not. When a member of the LGBQTI community speaks out about being treated horribly by a Christian, that’s NOT intolerance. When minorities, whether of race or orientation, speak out about being treated in a way that is inhumane; that’s not being intolerant. Tolerance is treating them like the human beings that they are without discrimination. Tolerance does NOT mean to be given the freedom to take away the freedoms of others. Get a dictionary. Read a book that ISN’T the Bible for a change. You might learn something.

This attack was an attack against the black community. Outsiders don’t need to fight a war against Christianity. Christians are doing a good job of it all on their own.

May those killed in this attack rest in piece. My heart is with their loved ones.


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