Libtards and Conservatwits

OH DEAR GOD my brain hurts. The battle wages on between the liberals and conservatives. I consider myself neither, deep down; however, I publicly identify as liberal because my beliefs lean more toward the liberal side of the spectrum. I don’t believe that Americans should have to starve, and I don’t believe that this country was ever created to be a Christian country. Because of that, I’m considered unAmerican.


I saw a post by an ultraconservative lately that said, “How to annoy a liberal? Present them with facts and logic.” My response?

“How to annoy a conservative? Try to convince them that EVERYONE has a right to have their basic needs met. Try to convince them that people who aren’t rich and white still matter. Point out that they oppose abortion; but also wish to take away food and medical care from the children they force to be born into poverty. Remind them that this country was built on religious freedom, not Christianity.”

Admittedly, I was sort of asking for it. I’m angry with the way that this country’s working poor are treated. I’m angry that so many are denying access to birth control and abortion, yet want to take away food and medical care from these same children that they fight so hard to bring into this world. I don’t like abortion either. Let’s get that out of the way. I seriously disagree with it being used as a primary form of birth control. However; if a woman’s birth control fails, or she doesn’t have access to it, or she is raped, or she’s ill, or she’s in poverty… I think it’s a more humane option than forcing the woman to have a child that will likely suffer. Painful to think of, but it’s better to end the life before it can feel the pain than it is to force it to suffer abuse, starvation, and disease over the long-term. Want to end abortion? Save the children we already have. Give the unborn better options for a better quality of life.

Again, my OPINION; which is protected by the First Amendment.

Here’s the responses:

“Drink the coolaid? Do you?”

“I want equality, but I also want special treatment!”

“You do realize that your liberal values are rooted to unfulfilled childhood urges for others to pamper you, right?”

“Tell me it isn’t possible for people to be this motherfuckin’ stupid.”

I stated that I HAVE worked for the past 16 years, with few employment gaps (like now). I don’t ask for handouts. I don’t use state assistance. I still struggle. The response? “You’re an Idiot! I came from a poor family and through hard work I became part of the middle class. Give it a try.” So… working for 16 years isn’t working?

Here is one of my favorites. Keep in mind, I’m arguing that BABIES have a right to be fed and to receive medical care. BABIES. “Exactly how is it a ‘right’ that people have their needs met?” Straight from an ultraconservative’s mouth. Babies don’t have the right to be fed or to receive medical care. Yet, I was also told that “lying thieving baby killers do annoy me.” SO… abortion kills; but, lack of food and medical care doesn’t. When major corporations force employees to work in hellish conditions for slave labor and receive tax breaks, that’s economics; but when the poor want to receive help getting out of poverty, it’s theft.

I’m confused.

I’ve now had to unfriend a relative that I love dearly and will truly miss. Why? She has bullied myself and my friends RELENTLESSLY for the past two days for having any beliefs that have even the slightest scent of being liberal; all in the name of God and traditional values. I believe that every child should have food in their mouth? SOCIALIST COMMIE SCUM! I believe that everyone should have access to affordable healthcare? YOU DISGUSTING, FILTHY LIBERAL! I believe that the babies that are forced to be born deserve to have a good quality of life with access to food and medical care? YOU’RE AS BAD AS HITLER!!! Her recommendation was that all of the poor get food stamps and go to churches and food banks. When presented with articles from MULTIPLE sources showing that these methods are woefully inadequate, I was told that I just want to abort babies. No, I do not. I believe abortion is a symptom of a failing society, not the cause. I believe that no CHILD should have to languish for months or years and die just because their parents don’t have REAL jobs and are part of the lower class. This same woman stated that no children are starving in America. Oh, if only that were true! Just because a child can possibly receive one meal a day, five days a week at school doesn’t mean that they’re not starving. They are lacking proper nutrition that their bodies and brains need to grow. They have to worry more about when they will eat again than what they learn at school. How will they ever gain the skills and knowledge to get out of poverty when they can only think of survival? Why do they matter less than a fetus that lacks the ability to feel pain, and that doesn’t yet know the pain of being one of society’s undesirables? Where is the conservative uproar when the ones who have already been born suffer?

Another issue that I have is the constant cry from conservatives that libs are intolerant. Let’s see… who pushes for an end to racism? Who pushed for marriage equality and won? Who allows other religions to worship unmolested? Libs. What do I see as the conservative definition of tolerance? The freedom to discriminate against those of other races, religions, and sexuality. So: fighting for gays, minorities, and non-Christians to have a the same rights as everyone else is intolerance; but calling someone a faggot, n***er, or devil worshipper is tolerant? In what twisted world?

Another example of her logic requires some backstory. Twelve years ago, I had just moved to this state from across the country. My son was four. I had a severe knee injury that severely limited my ability to walk and stand. My ex-husband refused to get a job. He said it was MY responsibility because my son was mine, not his (notice I said EX?). My sister helped with food as much as she could. It wasn’t enough. We ate once a day. Sometimes, I went without so that my husband and son could eat. Food banks were experiencing shortages. I could visit once every two weeks. I’d often come home with a loaf of bread (or bag of rolls), a couple of cans of corn, a bag of beans, a bag of rice, and a pound of meat. This was supposed to last for two weeks. I had no car and could barely walk without wanting to scream in pain. I couldn’t get to any local churches for help. Most churches don’t exactly deliver; and most will turn you down if you aren’t a member. Until I received food stamps, my child often ate only one meal of beans and rice per day. Welfare and food stamps saved me, and most importantly, my SON, during a time of temporary disability. I wasn’t buying caviar and lobster. I was paying rent and buying Hamburger Helper. According to this relative, the food banks and churches should have been enough; because rice and beans can be healthy. I was apparently just lazy with what I was given. I was lazy for not finding other food banks; because there are NOW FOUR in the county. The same county as Seattle. When I explained that they weren’t available then, and that I had no car, I was told to stop whining and making excuses for being lazy. “There’s buses!” Buses require fares that I didn’t have. “Quit your whining. It’s nobody’s fault but your own that you didn’t put in the effort.” It was even implied that my child should have been taken away and placed into an already overpopulated foster care system.

How careless of me to have a genetic condition that degrades my skeletal system and has resulted in the loss of 75% of the cartilage in my knee. God; how could I be so lazy as to allow that?

On to the flip side. Libs: Yes. The rich abuse the poor. We know this. They should pay more taxes and contribute more to society. People need their basic needs met. However, Prada is not a basic need. Lobster is not a basic need. It’s true that the Welfare Queen is something that’s grossly exaggerated; but, I have this to offer. This is an actual quote from a welfare recipient who was a receptionist at an animal clinic that I used to work in: “I will get rid of my dog before boxed dye or Walmart shampoo touches THESE locks!” This is a woman who supposedly loves animals and is below the poverty line. Between her TANF and her job; she could afford salon coloring every few weeks, salon manicures every week, and salon hair products. I couldn’t afford that working full-time at thirteen bucks an hour! She also proudly showed off her Nikes, her Gucci bag, and her iPhone; all while complaining that she wasn’t receiving enough from the government to pay her rent and bills or feed her kids. Would you like to know where the stories of Welfare Queens come from? I present to you Exhibit A. This is what happens when you don’t regulate the usage of government assistance. She could buy an iPhone and designer items, but couldn’t pay her rent or bills. She used it for wants, not needs. Yes, comfort is important: but Nikes won’t feed a hungry child. They won’t keep a roof over their head. Food and shelter should come FIRST. As for the food… again, comfort is important. Surviving on ramen and Hamburger Helper doesn’t cut it… but why is it necessary for you to have the candy, soda, and LOBSTER that I can’t afford, even when I’m working full-time? There’s also the viral video gem of the mother that proudly states she will never get a job because she gets a check every month from the government (

Ladies, ladies… I have something to tell you that may shock you. Guess what? Government assistance is supposed to be ASSISTANCE; not a LIFESTYLE. It is meant to help you survive in times of need; not for you to live in luxury! I acknowledge that there are FAR fewer cases of welfare abuse than the conservatives would like us to believe; but, damn! People like you are the reason they want to end all assistance! Those of us who need it during dark times such as layoffs, illness, deaths in the family, temporary disability, etc. are having a harder and harder time justifying it when people like you take it and act like entitled little children! You aren’t smart because you managed to cheat the system… you are the moocher that the conservatives warn about! You are adding fuel to the fire! Unless you are truly disabled or at least TRYING to work, you deserve the bare necessities and NOTHING more. You deserve to survive. You DON’T deserve to have luxury handed to you when people who work hard can’t have the same. As for those with disabilities; I don’t find it fair to withhold comfort just because they can’t earn it the same way as everyone else.

We need a welfare REFORM, not the eradication of a safety net. We need to be sure that poor families have a chance; but we also need to regulate how the money is spent. More fresh fruits and vegetables; less steak and lobster. More weather appropriate clothes; not more stylish clothes. Phones are great and a necessary evil; but the impoverished don’t need the latest iPhone when there’s no food on the table. Pay the bills, not the hair stylist. We need to find a way to be sure that the benefits received are used responsibly. We need to stop starving children, and stop bringing more children into poverty.

Let’s move on, shall we? Let’s talk about tolerance. Tolerance doesn’t mean having the right to discriminate based on religion, gender, orientation, etc; true. However, how tolerant is it of liberals to constantly bash Christianity? Freedom of religion means ANY religion; and that includes Christianity. Don’t like Christianity? Don’t convert to it! It’s that simple! Fight the twisted ideals, not the whole religion and everyone that practices it! Fight the oppression, not the whole religion. Not every Christian drools over guns, hates brown people, and hates the poor. Hell; Weird Al is so devoutly Christian that he doesn’t even swear, yet he fought FOR gay rights and marriage equality! Just as not every Muslim is a terrorist, not every Christian is a bigot. There are extremists in every group. They are usually the minority. Don’t lump them all together. I’m also sick of both sides calling the other bigger racists. If both of you are so against racism, then why not work together to stop it and help keep minorities out of poverty?

There’s so much I want to say. There really is. However, I can’t find the words. I’m too pissed. We’re also in the middle of a heat wave, and my brain just might be cooking. I’ll leave you with this: SHAME ON BOTH SIDES. You have BOTH fucked up royal. BOTH of you. Both sides have become so convinced that their way is the ONLY way to save America that they have plugged their ears to any other ideas and become inflexible. Look at inflexible objects in nature: they can’t bend, so they snap. They break. They fall. Just because you believe strongly in an idea doesn’t mean it’s automatically right. Just because you disagree with another person’s views doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer. Hell; one of my best friends is pretty much on the opposite end of the political spectrum as me, but we get along great! We love each other to death; and woe to the poor bastard that insults one of us in front of the other! We talk and debate, rather than hurl insults. We listen to each other. We come together to find ways to make things work in a way that benefits BOTH of us. Isn’t it about time you guys do the same?

Fact: America is broken. Everyone had a hand in breaking it. It’s time for us to come together and fix it.


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