Why I Refuse To Call Myself a Feminist

I’ve seen a few articles lately by modern “feminists”. Feminist was a title I once embraced. No more. Why? Because of the sexism of the modern feminist movement.

The feminist movement started as a way to promote gender equality. It has done great things. Here in America (and most other countries); women can vote, drive, own property, go to school, and are not the property of their husbands to be bought and sold at will. We can even divorce, if we want to! There is still gender inequality in some areas; most notably, in the work force. Women still tend to receive lower wages than men. I’m not going into sexual harassment, because that subject is often subjective and incidents towards men are often unreported. Violence against women is still very much a HUGE problem, especially in many foreign countries. That said, I don’t believe the modern feminist movement is the answer.

To be honest, the modern feminist movement seems to have nothing to do with its roots of seeking gender equality. It promotes the idea of repressing men. Almost every feminist site or essay that I’ve read as of late blames every female issue, from negative self-image to painful menstruation and pregnancy complications, on men. Some authors feel that all men are closet rapists. Some women even state that all heterosexual sex is rape! They feel that even when a woman wants it, she’s being fooled into THINKING she wants it, and only gives in because she doesn’t understand the error of her ways. That men are not needed for even procreation; only their ejaculate, which is to be handed over and inserted by the woman. Umm, excuse me? They also claim that the body isn’t made for sex or childbearing, and that those are just ways for men to assert dominance over women. I wonder how they got through high school biology. They feel that men are incapable of having any feelings outside of greed, rage, and lust. They are incapable of love, and must never be trusted under any circumstances. They are all animalistic rapists. If it seems that I’m exaggerating, go ahead and follow this link: https://witchwind.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/piv-is-always-rape-ok/. Once you’re done reading the article, take a stroll through the comments section. This is NOT just one woman with this point of view. This is one of MANY.

While it’s true that that’s an extreme point of view, there is still the underlying tone of misandry in even the least extreme sites and essays. Men cause all problems. Men are always wrong. Men can’t be trusted. Men are unintelligent. Anything that doesn’t show women as superior to men in all ways (books, video games, television, movies, etc) is anti-woman. If a man is harmed in fiction, it’s okay; but a woman being harmed is society’s way of promoting violence toward women. If a woman checks out a man, she’s simply expressing her sexuality; but if a man checks out a woman, he is objectifying and sexually harassing her. If a man abuses a woman, it’s one of the sickest things he can do; but if a woman abuses a man, that’s funny! Down with men! Women are superior! Anyone who disagrees is sexist, a rapist, or brainwashed!

This is the exact kind of attitude that created the feminist movement. These were the same attitudes that women have been treated with throughout history, and the exact thing that it used to fight against. It’s appalling. It’s complete hypocrisy. It should NOT be okay to bash men. They are our lovers, sons, brothers, fathers, co-workers, friends, and more. Is this how we want our loved ones to feel? That they are less than us, all because of their genitalia? It shouldn’t be okay to bash ANYONE regardless of gender, religion, color, nationality, orientation, disability, or creed. If you want to hate someone, do it based on their actions; not their genes, faith, or origins. Men have not set back the feminist movement; the FEMINIST MOVEMENT set back the feminist movement. So, I consider myself pro-equality; but, I am a feminist no more. I’m done with the double-standards.

I must also say that I’m disgusted by the attitude of these “feminists” towards the transgender community. Here is an early quote from the West Coast Lesbian Conference’s keynote speaker, Robin Morgan, in 1973: I will not call a male “she”; thirty-two years of suffering in this androcentric society, and of surviving, have earned me the title “woman”; one walk down the street by a male transvestite, five minutes of his being hassled (which he may enjoy), and then he dares, he dares to think he understands our pain? No, in our mothers’ names and in our own, we must not call him sister. My, my; how tolerant of you. Lesbianism is all-natural and will be accepted by all, but transgenderism is an abomination. What hypocritical bullshit! But, surely, attitudes have changed since then; right?  http://theterfs.com/2013/10/09/hypocrisy-hate-and-harm-no2h8splc/ Oh…

There are actually a few feminists who remember what feminism really means; which is this:

  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Where does that say that we are BETTER than men? Unfortunately, the voices of the true feminists are being drowned out by the voices of RadFems; and, outside of yelling that not all feminists are like that, they’re doing far too little to make their voices heard. As a result, the word “feminist” has become tarnished. It’s been twisted. It’s dirty. It’s irredeemable. There’s no longer any fixing it. It’s been used to spew too much hatred, and to encourage far too much pain. Congratulations, RadFems! You have totally destroyed the very thing you once claimed to stand for!

We need a new word for true feminists. I, personally, like the term “equalist”. Here’s why:

Equalism or Equalist may refer to: Egalitarianism. Gender equality. Racial equality. (Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equalism)

Gender equality… hmm… why does that sound so familiar?

I WANT EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. If a company offers a male a certain wage, then a female in the same position should get the same wage. If a man is harassed by a woman, I want him to be able to take appropriate steps to end the harassment without having his masculinity attacked. I want everyone to be able to walk down the street without receiving unwanted attention. I want everyone to have the same rights, dammit! Unfortunately, that’s not what the modern feminist movement is fighting for. If anything, it is creating a NEED for men’s rights groups. I’m not promoting the meninism or red pill men’s movements by any means, and will surely write about THOSE special little snowflakes at a later date; but, the modern feminist movement is working hard to create a world where men have to scream to be heard. How ironic. How sad.


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