Hungry Dogs of America

I hear you speak, though you shouldn’t dare

Of a future that you claim is bright

Stop pretending you fucking care

For those who suffer silently in the night

You dare claim you want peace for all

But to you, some are more equal than others

Kiss ass when money talks, but ignore the “small”

Wrap us in a blanket of lies; watch us smother

You don’t want peace; you just want your guns

Whip out your glock like a cock and load it

If you’re not the biggest and baddest, it’s no fun

Your hate is just like ammo; you just want to unload it

And money, oh money, how you love your money

You fill yourselves with coke and cash

Money brings the happiness, honey

And saves you when the red and blues flash

And religion; sweet religion… all we need is Jesus

To save us from starving children and desperate mothers

Jesus, surely, would condone our murderous sieges

After all; we must put love for Him above all others.

You’re just a pack of hungry dogs wrestling over meat

Fighting to be alpha, and fuck all the rest

Your violence has spilled onto every street

You’ve moved the world into such unrest

How dare you speak of making things so great

When you’ve left us all so fucking divided?

You spew such bile and senseless hate

And shoot to kill when derided

How dare you speak of ending corruption

When you’re as transparent as a stone?

You’re all just talking heads for the destruction

That has come to my once honorable home.

You’re all a joke, a scam, a fake

You are the enemy hiding in plain sight

You say you’re in this for everyone’s sake

But you’re just rabid dogs looking to fight.